The Chris Commerford Band are an established blues-rock five-piece, formed by the glittering Australian coast of the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.
Assembled by the band’s namesake singer-songwriter, Chris Commerford, the refreshing outfit is captivating music fans with their bright and heartening fusion of blues, rock and soul.
Completing the dynamic lineup is Lennie Farchione (guitar), Tearnu Graham (bass), Alex Keser (drums, percussion) and Sebastian Farchione (saxophone and keys).

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The band have gigged extensively around Victoria, honing a sound that feels simultaneously grounded and explorative. It’s rooted in blues and rock, but reaches far wider...Here’s a hot tip from the Happy Mag team: keep an eye on these guys, we’re expecting big things.

Happy Mag

" This local 5 Piece has really hit their straps with this one, and with a taste of Mayer, Matthews, and Butler in all the right flavours, The Way You Treat Me Right, does just that.  It’s time to develop an addiction and get into a relationship with this one."

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